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Vegan Expo 2017

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Parent Panel-Raising Vegan Children

“Vegan Parenting 101”

Rochelle Rees & Susan Vegan will be talking about vegan parenting.  Rochelle & Sausan, both long time vegan parents, will dispel any doubts you might have about raising children on a vegan diet.

Dr. Michael Klaper


Dr. Luke Wilson

Telling the “Plant Based” Story

A plant based lifestyle is about to become the next “Big Thing” in medicine and for our planet.  How can we get everyone excited?  Learn what I’ve learned so far about our motivations , some exciting benefits of eating more whole foods and some practical tips for encouraging change.


David Hammer-Microbioligist

Kat Worsfield-Animal Sanctuary

Lynda Bell-Artist

“Finding Rainbows-A Vegan Art Story”

A presentation of my journey as an artist-how & why painting animals has always inspired me , the meanings behind my paintings & how my art & ethics merged when I became vegan.  How my art shapes who I am and how, who I am shapes my art.  My goals for the future and what I hope my viewers get from my artwork.

Janette Murray -Wakelin & Alan Murray-Raw Documentary

The Raw Truth about Vegan Conscious Lifestyles.

As an introduction to screening the film ‘RAW the Documentary’, we will talk about how our making conscious vegan lifestyle choices helped to heal health issues including cancer, resulting in our attaining a state of optimal health, both pysically and mentally, whereby we were able to set and achieve a goal of running 366 consecutive marathons around Australia at the ages of 64 and 68. This world record run and the message it conveys has been made into a film, ‘RAW the Documentary’, which is gaining rave reviews worldwide.

The New Zealand Premiere screening of ‘RAW the Documentary’ follows our talk at the Whangarei Vegan Expo.

Florence Korokoro-Actress

Charming star of ‘Mr Pip’ & TV One’s ‘Neighbourhood’ shares a bit of her life with us.

Yolanda Soryl

“Veganism 101-How to go vegan and how to stay vegan”

A humourous & informative presentation covering nutrition plus practical tips & pointers for living a vegan lifestyle.  Good for newbies & old-hands.

Alice Shopland-Vegan Business Owner

Running a vegan business: the highs and lows and plain hard slog of running a buisness that aims to make a difference in the world.

Aaron Brunette-Masterchef Winner 2013

“Being effective rather than right”

My choice to be effective rather than right, putting love & affinity first.  My recent progression from creating plant based recipes in isolation from on top of a soapbox, to cooking with a wide variety of people in their homes and listening to what woudd truly inspire them to eat food that’s good for them, for the planet and for other living beings.


“Powered by Plants”

My talk is about how I thrive in life, and in my sports and workouts, on a whole foods, plant-based, vegan diet.


Zee Tana-Cooking Demo

“Conscious Consumption: Plant Based Christmas Feast”

Preparation & demonstration of plant based foods for the Christmas season with recipes and tastings for guests.

Kate Broughton-Cooking Demo

“Vegan Basics”

How to make a creamy alfredo sauce with zucchini noodles.

Aaron Brunet-Cooking Demo

“Larb Tofu with Sticky Rice”

A light, fresh and tasty meal with fresh herbs, toasted kaffir lime, ground rice & vegan fish sauce with steamed, sticky rice.

Anna valentine-Cooking Demo

Plant based family friendly food with “The Vege Tree”

Quick, easy & nutritious Tempeh Nuggets with Satay Sauce.


Christian Huriwai-Uni-cycle lessons.